I brought my pre-teen son to Holly for a course of Brain Integration Technique sessions to see if anything could be done to help my son with issues related to sensory difficulties and ADHD. The most noticeable changes have been that he is more sociable, less worried about all sorts of experiences, and is doing better in school. He doesn’t get grumpy so easily, and seems more relaxed and mature all around. All in all, it’s been a very positive experience. Thanks Holly!
— JH
I went to see Holly at The Quiet Wind, where I received Brain Integration Technique (BIT). I felt very comfortable and at ease with Holly. I have had problems with anxiety and concentration for a long time and was recommended BIT for help. I have noticed some very positive changes in myself after BIT. My patience towards myself and others has become a lot stronger. My focus in reading is also a lot stronger. I have noticed that I can read a book without constantly having to backtrack and I am retaining and comprehending the content more clearly now. The biggest change I have noticed is on an emotional level. Holly and BIT has helped me talk to myself in a more positive way when under stress and/or anxiety. I credit this positive change to Holly and The Quiet Wind.
— KC