The Quiet Wind offers different tutoring options. Holly has extensive experience working with children in the academic setting. She has a masters degree in education and was an elementary & middle school special education teacher for 8 years. Choose from one of the options below or contact Holly to customize a tutoring package that would work best for your child. 

OPTION 1: TUTORING with emotional Integration work

Holly will work with your child on their homework, recap concepts centered around assignments, and/or fill in the gaps that are holding your child back. In addition to the tutoring, Holly will use a technique from BIT to remove emotional stress dealing with school. The following are just some of the stressors your child may be feeling:

  • A particular academic area such as math, reading, or writing
  • The teacher
  • Homework
  • Taking tests
  • A fellow classmate from class
  • Bullying situations
  • Self esteem

Removing the emotional stress in addition to the tutoring can help relieve any anxiety your child is feeling towards school. This is a good option if you are not yet ready to commit to the whole Brain Integration Technique treatment. (Disclosure: Tutoring with just emotional diffusion will help your child but it is not a replacement for the entire BIT treatment.)

Rate: $50/hour


Holly will use Brain Integration Technique to bring your child up to their full potentialBrain Integration Technique helps your child by creating new pathways in the brain so that learning becomes more organized and efficient. Once your child is integrated they will need to be caught up in any skill deficit areas. Since they will be integrated they will be able to reach their new full potential when working on these skills and while learning new skills in the classroom.  Holly can tutor your child after integration to help them catch up with their peers. 

Rate: $50/hour after integration is complete to work on specific areas the child needs to be caught up in.

Tutoring options can be held either at your home or The Quiet Wind office. Other accommodations can be arranged upon request.